GoSpaces is a way for Shopify to discover and learn from developing a market where online commerce has less penetration. It is the website and shopping cart service which is recently launched by e-commerce. It is launched in 38 countries and in almost 30 languages. GOSpaces is the platform which is primarily intended and is especially for the beginning entrepreneurs. Because it offers the set of gears which helps to start the business that includes essentials like a business name creator, slogan maker, logo generator, image editor, domain name registrar and more.

GoSpaces trademarks simplicity and ease to use

Effortlessness and usability are considered as the trademarks of GoSpace. It is a cheap form of the traditional shopping cart that needs a significant number of chimes and signals typically linked with such platforms. In fact, businesses don’t have to use GoSpaces to sell items at all but can create just an essential website, kind of an electronic brochure.

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How to use GoSpaces  

Here is the guide on, how to set up a GoSpaces site to use for your online business. 1. Go to the site of GoSpaces and click on the button that says “Create Your Space” or “Gets Started”. 2. Create an account on the website. 3. After creating an account, you’ll see the four options appear in the navigation menu:

  • Get started
  • Payment
  • Customers
  • Subscription

Once you start trading, the payments, customers and subscription area will be filled with transaction-related data.

  • Click the button “create space” to begin setting up your web page or shopping cart.
  • Add a page title and description
  • Upload cover image
  • Tell your story
  • Add a section to collect emails.
  • If you’re using this site to sell products then make sure to “add a product” button. Then upload your product image, write the name and description and set the price. Make sure to include product variants and enable the shipping.
  • Add a section is the one important thing which you’ve to regardless of the fact that you sell the product or not. Because this button creates an email subscription form.
  • Once you’ve completed and gone through all the setup process now you can publish your site but don’t forget to make the preview first.

Payment Methods of  GoSpaces

The company GoSpacess uses a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin, and more. Almost more than 150 currencies are represented, which means that customers and clients can pay in whatever the currency they want.

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